After cleaning a spyware using Ad Aware,my program files is blank.I can see using Start>run>browse...
But opening Start>Programs>Accessories>Windows Explorer,My Computer,HD,Program Files,seems empty.I just see at the bottom : 109 objects.
How can I fix this?Ok,I have to edit the registry,but i don´t know how to get started

Thanks for any help

Try this. Right-click on the below link and click "Save As" or "Save Target As" and save the file with the default file name (by default, file name will be smitfraud.reg).

Next, double-click on the smitfraud.reg file, and choose "Yes" to merge the file to registry.

Restart the PC, and check whether the contents of Program Files are displayed or not.

Thanks for replying,but it didn´t work. :sad:

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