i just recently did a clean instillation of windows 7 from windows xp sp3.

I downloaded the iso from the mircosoft website.
i mounted the iso image and ran the installation.
took a while to install then it restarted my computer and installed more and more.
then when it was finally done, i got a black screen after he windows 7 logo start up.
and it said
"Windows 7'
'For testing purposes only build 7000"

then i left my computer running for another hour and i got:

"Windows 7'
'For testing purposes only build 7000"
"This prdouct is not a genuine copy'

or something like that.

then i try to boot with safe mode and it said it was nt done installing and it needed to restart my computer in order to finish installing.

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Yes, I am agree you can't download directly. For downloading window 7 you need
to buy the licenses. Window 7 is latest version of Microsoft.

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