I downloaded a game as a trial and chose in the OPTIONS to not play it in FULL SCREEN as I wanted to see my taskbar and be able to open my other software. This created a problem as I could not get the cursor to go down to the bottom of the game and select PLAY, OPTIONS, EXIT etc... so I had to shut down my computer. Then, I realized that the same game was on Big Fish web site and downloaded it as a trial for one hour and when the game opens it has its own cursor and same thing I cannot get the cursor to go down to the bottom of the game and select PLAY, OPTIONS, EXIT etc... and I believe that the game should be played in FULL SCREEN but unfortunately it is not in FULL SCREEN as I can see my taskbar at the bottom and as I said previously I cannot click on OPTIONS to change the selection.

I tried to hide my taskbar and I still have the same problem.

Would anyone know what I can do with this problem.

P.S. I uninstalled the game and re-installed and again the same problem. I wrote to the Big Fish web site and still no answer.

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You may have tried this but can you navigate in the game using keys? try selecting the menus using the arrow keys, tab may also switch selction and also pressing enter or space could be used for something like a tick box.

CTRL+ALT+DEL , ALT+TAB or windows key should bring you out of the game to close it.

- Let us know how it goes.


Hi, thanks for your help. I solved the problem by clicking on START, CONTROL PANEL, DISPLAY and changed my Display to the highest size and then I could access OPTIONS in the game with the game cursor and changed it to FULL SCREEN and it worked. After I exit the game I went back in Control Panel and changed my Display back to normal size.

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