When I check "restore my computer to an earlier time" in system restore and click on next, I get the following message:

The following calendar displays in bold all of the dates that have restore points available. The list displays the restore points that are available for the selected date.

1. On this calendar, click a bold date
2. On this list, click a bold date
< >
There are no restore points created yet for this day. To
restore immediately, pick another day and restore point,
and then try again.

There is no calendar displayed with ANY dates. There is just the message above in a box with the previous day and next day arrow buttons that do not work. Clicking on previous day arrow or next day arrow does nothing. Clicking on "Next" does nothing.

I have created new restore points that show as completed but they do not show up either.

Can anyone help?

I have windows xp with plenty of free space.


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Hi. Go Start; in the run box enter:
In the window that opens scroll down to sr.inf
-rclick it, choose Install, follow the prompts if any.
This will reinstall your system restore module.

Thanks! for your response. I followed the steps to install, and it prommpted me for 'sr.sys' and I provide the path of 'C:\WINDOWS\I386'. The installation seem to have happened successfully, as it prompted me to restart the system for changes to take effect - however, after I restarted the system I saw no difference on the display of the calendar!

I am missing to perform something here? Pls advise ...


M$ to the rescue on this one, I hope...
In this linked page follow the instruction to merge all the reg settings at once. And note that if you then restore to a time previous to this merging you will lose the merging! [and they say as such, but in a very convoluted way...]

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