The other day i moved my pc from one room 2 another and now it will not boot. Once turned on it says to insert a boot diskette in the drive and press any key. I inserted my xp boot cd and began the installation process. The first part of the installation goes well but when the computer reboots ready to begin the next installation stage it just begins at the start of the installation again. Can someone please help me with this problem :sad:


If I am reading this right, you are re-installing XP, and you run the CD-ROM the first time, and then it is rebooting back to the beginning of the installation process.

Run the process one more time, formatting the drive, etc, and then watch the computer. When it tells you that the computer is about to reboot, remove the CD-ROM so that it is forced to boot from the hard drive. If that fails, then something during the setup process is failing, or the BIOS is not set properly.


Tried removing the cd before the comptuer reboots but still the same thing happens the computer still wants to reboot what else could be going wrong???

Well, it will need to reboot, but should boot from the Harddrive.

Try this, turn your PC on, enter setup by pressing F2 lots, then go to boot order / sequence and check that Boot from hardrive is enabled, (usually represented by a tick).

Did you do a complete format of the drive?

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