I may have discovered a bug in internet explorer 8 but can’t find a way to report it to Microsoft.
Firefox renders some things quite differently to Internet Explorer.
So to test the appearance I keep changing my default browser between the two.
On Windows 7 Pro 32 bit;
When setting Internet Explorer 8 as the default browser it does not overwrite the registry settings in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\http\shell\open\command as well as several other nearby registry locations.
This means that Firefox remains my default browser regardless even though Explorer thinks that it is the default browser.

When I click 'Make IE8 the default' it clearly makes a change somewhere as it then thinks it is the default even though it isn't.

It is possible that there is another explanation, but it really does appear like a basic bug.

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Running IE8 sites designed for IE7, which causes compatibility problems with IE8. Before RC1, IE8 has presented its compatibility View, which trick a website into thinking that you are using Internet Explorer 7. When you encounter compatibility problems on the site, click the small icon of a broken hand to the right of the address bar and you can then view the site correctly, as if you use Internet Explorer 7.


You can uninstall Firefox and see how IE8 perform. Than install Firefox again and uncheck it as default browser.

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