I just bought a new computer and it has the newest version of Outlook (2003). My old computer has Outlook 2000 and it's been my email program for quite a long time. I don't know how to export my email messages and folders from Outlook 2000 on my old computer to the new computer with Outlook 2003. I know that there is an import and export feature in the file menu, but i'm not sure that this one large export file will transfer all of my folders and messages to my new machine.

Can someone tell me the best way to transfer my email messages and folders to my new machine?


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Hi SCCues,

I faced the same ‘problem’, but found out a simple way to tackle it. First I made a copy of my old PST file (there is all the data you saved in Outlook; emails, appointments, rules etc.) and put it in a save place (you can burn it on a CD for example). When I opened Outlook 2003 for the first time, I cancelled al the operations and closed Outlook. Then I deleted the PST file Outlook 2003 created, and opened Outlook again. Now it cannot find the PST file and it asks to locate the PST file. Here you point out to your old PST file with all the data and you are ready. Maybe you have to make a few adjustments, but you will find the folders you made and your emails. You don’t have to start the rules wizard because there still effective, though you have activate (some of) them.

Succes Dtone

I do the same thing as Dtone's. I just copy the .pst file from my old Outlook. But what I do is just set up a new folder for my .pst file and just open it from outlook --> File -> Open -> Outlook Data File. I get all the folders from it including the address book. This is one reason why I chose to use Microsoft Outlook over Outlook Express. I just delete everything else that I don't need.

The way I use, is to click on files menu, choose Import / Export,
when new window open click on export to file / click next
click on personal files (.pst) click next
you will see a list with all your e-mail accounts and folders,

select those you want to save,

save them on a USB memory stick or on a DVD,

transfer them to your new computer,
open outlook 2003, click on filew menu,
click on Import Export
click on import personal files
click next
and let outlook 2003 import your files.

I'll suggest you to convert [Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003](http://www.pstupgrade.com), as i used this tool to upgrade PST files and to convert ANSI to Unicode PST

yes!!!!! i have a easiest and relavant solution to convert uor old Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003 (new PST) file format with PST Upgrade software. As this PST conversion tool has ability to transfer your email messages and folders (includes inbox, outbox, calendars, contacts etc) into Unicode PST format................just check this tool

If you want to switch from Outlook Express to Outlook then you can use our DBX converter for quick and safe conversion of DBX files

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