Outlook 2003 : I have an User A and user B, user A has delegated through Tool--> Options--> Delegated to User B....

User B now when in her mailbox, creates new Message, in the From, she writes User A email ID, and send the mail from her mailbox.

Maill is being recieved by all users as mail from User A, and does not show "On behalf of User A". On behalf is not coming? What is the solution? Please help.

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Try this out:

If you do not see the From box above the To and Cc boxes, do the following: In the message window, on the E-mail toolbar, click the arrow on the Options button, and then click From. If you are not using Microsoft Office Word 2003 as your default editor, in the message window, on the View menu, click From Field.

The article I pulled that from is here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/send-an-e-mail-message-on-behalf-of-someone-else-HA001136767.aspx

Yes, I know, the problem is not that. the problem I am facing is USER B (who has a delegation from USER A) when send a mail from USER A mailbox, the mail is received directly as a mail from USER B, it should come as "USER B on behalf of USER A"

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