My NT Administrator left the company and had all the admin ID's and Pswd's. I need to get access to the desktops and make some changes. How do I get Admin access??? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..

If you have Windows with license, you can ask for assistance to the company from which you bought the Windows/ license.

What you need to do is recover the password for either the Administrator account or another account that is in the domain Admins group. if you have none of the passwords, I can tell you that there is no formal support from Microsoft to recover a password in Windows NT. You will need to resort to a 3rd party tool such as ERD Commander where you boot from the CD on the domain controller and change the password. Again, in your research you'll find that while this is the most common method (I have done it various times), it isnt supported.

Passwords in Windows are not store in clear text. The hash of the password is what is stored. this is why you cannot retrieve the password, unless you run a tool to hack it.

I'd have your company lawyer contact the former admin.

i agree with the Rev ,and it has never been policy of daniweb to help crack windows passwords ,

I dont suspect the OP is asking for help to crack the password. I believe that most people do not realize that passwords cannot be recovered, nor does Microsoft provide a utility to do so.

no but they do provide the software tools for IT People to use ,Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset,not free for everyone ,you create a boot disk with many tools ,one is a password changer ,but i have to say i tried it a few time with no success changing a password , .

As for the OP,we have no way of knowing if they speak the truth ,or are just trying to get into someone eleses computer

As far as I know, the tools will allow you to reset the local password on a workstation or server (I've used ERD commander to do just that), but that won't help reset a domain password (again, to the best of my knowledge).

Thanks Casperjack your reply is appreciated. For those that doubt my good intentions please know I am sincere and only asking for advise from my peers. I joined Daniweb many years ago and have been using the info to assist those less fortunate. I donate my time to help elderly and christian groups that can not afford technical support. I know there are some 3rd party software that can assist this small company that has suffered at the hands of Obama and his Socialist gangsters. Thank you for your reply and I look forward to working with Daniweb in the future.