it happens only when i am using Utorrent, after few minutes connection dies n "network cable unplugged" balloon comes up . can any1 help... thanks!!, in advance!!

what else then? n it happens with all the p2p softwares ..

It does it with all p2p software?? run a scan with your antivirus software first.

no unwanted programs here!! already done that.. the thing is when m not using a p2p software, connection runs fine but as soon as i start downloading using the same after a brief period my connection dies, installed my windows again, drivers updated , still happens!!

Quiz your ISP.. some block torrents. I don't use torrents, but perhaps there is an option to change the port number or range in your software. Move it up to a number like 20,000 or more.

And if it is the ISP that is blocking your torrent, explore other options... such as the before mentioned changing your port... or getting rid of this dictator style ISP of yours for another that respects your privacy and freedom to information (If you're not downloading/uploading things illegally, that is)

Reason I mentioned changing port range if you can is because each type of internet protocol tends to use somewhat "standardised" port numbers during their info exchanges. ISPs know this, and throttle or block ranges that can overload their servers through volume. Like those used by torrents. You go outside that range and likely you won't get blocked.

Port conflict or range should solve it.Also,if you are using a router it may see the torrent as an attack and block it.A router acts like a mechanical firewall just as your software firewall and can block transfers of certain types.Check your settings in both.To get to the router administration you need to log into your router: admin,blank[password] or whatever your user guide says.Once logged in you can go to Demilitarized Zone for gaming only by entering the game name or address.There are also free programs that do that for you [just for gaming] but you will need to research Google for that since I forget the name.One of my college bound daughters has used it successfully.