Some of my desktop icons keep reproducing themselves, it happened after I downloaded Hashcheck, I may have hit the wrong button during download or something, downloaded source code, but don't know why this is happening: First it started with Hashcheck icons, then with email short cut and FF shortcut and Word icons and maybe a couple more, they copy themselves and if I try to delete them from the desktop, a window comes up saying copying X from desktop to desktop. I tried deleting them in safe mode but the same window comes up every now and then. When I go to my computer and hit the up arrow, I get to the desktop where the icons are and try it there but the same thing happens. I have like 109 copies of FF icons for instance. I am running antivirus now, Superantispyware, I think I ran some others a few months ago (this is a backup HD, I cloned with Casper 5) my other HD has a problem and I went back to this one. I think I solved the problem once on the HD that has another problem, I went to something like Word and files or something, not sure what yet, and deleted the references to those icons and it actually worked but don't remember now what I did. Going to desktop doesn't work for sure. I don't think its a virus or scumware. Any ideas? Has anyone ever seen this kind of problem before? I can delete the extra copies on the real desktop and they go away and stay away till the next reboot when they all come back again, like over 50 of them. It might be they are all there, hundreds but just won't fit on the desktop screen. Thanks for your observations. Don.

I am not sure. you can check with anti virus. if you go back with system restore i think its help you.

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