I was using MS Windows XP but my antivirus was expired and I forgot to update it.
Last week when I was downloaing something< i got a virus which tries to read my saved passwords in browser/machine and it also effects most of the dll and exe files.
Hence I was not able to run some software and even can not enter into my control panel and can not connect to Internet after that.

Then I logged in safe mode to troubleshoot the problem. But still I can't connect the Internet so that I will download some antivirus.

After that, I repair my existing OS using recovery cd, now I loggeg in safe mode and can enter into control panel and can install/uninstall software. But still can't connect to Internet. And when I try to log in in normal mode, just after booting, the virus is deleting the dlls again and can't run many application.

My question is,
1. if I download some antivirus from other machine and install in the affected
machine in safe mode, will it be able to detect and remove the virus?
Does AVG or Avast free edition can deal with this type of viruses?
2. Will I be able to connect Internet after removing the virus or spyware ? Or I need
to install the modem driver or need to repair the existing OS/
3. Can anyone please suggest some good free antivirus and antispyware for home use?

Thanks and regards,

1. You can transfer it from another machine but you might have trouble installing it in Safe Mode.
2. You should be able to connect after it is removed. It most likely entered a proxy address to redirect your internet.
3. Use Malwarebytes, it always works.

Your should try to boot up in regular mode and install Malwarebytes as fast as you can before the virus dlls/process can start up. A little patience and effort and you will get it done.

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