Good morning All

I have a customer who has an old DOS application which he wishes to continue running on his new laptop with Windows 7.

The software installs correctly and starts to run. Soon after starting it appears to issue a command to switch to full screen mode, at which point it falls over. It needs 640 x 480 resolution to run, which I have set in the properties for the icon.

I have installed Virtual PC and get same results.

I have also tried piping results to a file and tried an external monitor, all without sucess. I did some testing on Vista and get same results.

Anyone else had this problem and found a solution please ? (apart from running on XP.)



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Thank you GuitarComet - it works on my PC running Win 7 (64 bit) so will now test on customer PC and see if I can get it to print. Won't be able to test printing until tomorrow until I am on site.

I'll keep you posted

Thanks again

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