I have an HP a300n desktop, seven years old, yes it's time for a new one, I know. For the past month, it's been coming out of hibernation at random times by itself. I'll put it into hibernate before I go to bed. When I get up the next day, the computer is already up and running. I Googled around and the most common response I got was that my BIOS system had been changed (although I don't know how) and the 'awaken' settings altered.

When I attempted to get into BIOS by re-starting and hitting the delete key over and over, I got several menu options on the black screen, but none of them were BIOS.

First, does my haunted computer issue sound like a BIOS problem? If so, how do I access BIOS?


Windows XP
2.60 GHz CPU
760 mb RAM
HP a300n desktop

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See if you get to access bios by pressing the F1 or F10 key (or F12)

Edit: Settings in your bios might be responsible, but are not the exclusive reasons why computers wake up. It may be some signal from your network card to connect or it can be your mouse signal and numerous other things.

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To over come this issue boot your system and press F8 and run your system in SafeMode Option and goto ---start-----run----type Services .msc------select RPC Service and got tab Recovery and there it will be restart your system or service change it to Take No Action and save changes and restart your system in Normal mode and your issue is solved.

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