XP Home SP3

When a browser or other program needs CPU, the 99 goes down to accommodate, then goes right back up to 99. It shows 220K of memory constantly; that never changes.

System is running slow because of the excess CPU usage.

Have run scans, disabled everything I could in msconfig. This 100% CPU happens even if the computer is idle, nothing running, after a reboot.

Seems that the resources that should be showing in SIP are staying in the CPU.

A few days before this started, 2GB of memory installed, plus SP3 put in. Spoke to the tech who put in the memory this morning and he says the memory is okay (recognized by Proccess Explorer). I can upload screenshots of it if you want, as well as txt file of the processes running.

Right now, PE shows 100% usage, 701MB Physical Memory, and 34.12% Physical Usage. There are 42 Processes running according to the Tast Manager.

Also I might mention that it hangs on Restart, while the "Windows is shutting down...." screen is showing, requiring the Reset button. Then it comes back okay. Have been having lockup problems too, but not today after the tech said to disable DCOM. He's done that on many, many XP systems.

I don't want to "refresh" or reinstall -- too much to lose in the way of programs, etc.

Pleeeze help. I've spent days so far, trying this, trying that.

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Hi and welcome to the Daniweb forums :).


99% for system idle is normal :).

Sorry, but you've got it backwards. It is System that is 99, and System Idle is 00.

I have too :).

just because the memory is shown in xp, doesnt mean its ok. Get an iso of memtest x86. Burn that, boot off it and let it run for a couple hours if you can, or just overnight. Whichever works best.

When you check on it, if theres any red, its found problems with your memory. If thats the case, test it again stick by stick. Do 3-4 passes per stick to be sure, number of passes is listed up top i believe.

Found the reason CPU was running 100% == Neosoft's program "Chameleon" which changes the order of bootup. Got rid of it, system went back to normal. This may help someone else who has that installed and CPU out of control.

Thanks to all you posted help and suggestions.

Cool. Thanks for posting back.

I think these the problem of your windows because the process can not be 00 and there for you need to reinstall it.


I think these the problem of your windows because the process can not be 00 and there for you need to reinstall it.


Do not come here giving bad advice just to spam your website. Warning given.

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