i'm having a problem with the "local disk C" , i had th MS office 2000 and two days ago i installed the MS Office 2007 on the "local disk D" , so my laptop just keeps telling me there's not enough space on the C...
how can i solve this??? though the installation was on the D and not the C??????

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Right click on C:> and go to properties. That will tell you how much space you have left on C:> and you can do a "Disk Cleanup" that will clear some disk space. By the way why do you need MS Office 2000 when you have the 2007? It just taking up space.


i am not sure but i think it may help you

do a repair of the O.S.and you won't get the error message again
otherwise see this steps

1. Click Start – Run – Type “regedit” and press enter.

2. Navigate to



3. In the right pane, Right-click and select New – String value

4. Name it as “BootDir” and set its value to “C:\”

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