HI, i Have a problem with my Toshiba A205-s4577 Laptop.
Model No. PSAF0U-01Q009

The Cd drive is not visible in my computer, and device manager.
It is visible in the Bios as a boot up device. Its a Matshita DVD RAM UJ-850S

The only way to get the drive to show up is by deleting this entire folder in regedit.

There are no lower or upper filters so that trick does not work. I have uninstalled virtual clone drive and haven't had demoen tool installed.

But every time i sleep my computer and turn it back on, the drive is not present again.

So can any one help me with a permanent solution, except for reinstalling windows. Which i will have to do, if there is no other way.

Please its an annoying situation which is a variant of the upper and lower filter problem all over the net, but i cant find a solution to mine that will work.

You didn't mention what version of Window you're using. Did you try this. Go to Control panel > System > Device manager > Action > Scan for hardware change?

Windows 7 x86, and yes i did that, but it doesnt show up there unless i delete the key file and restart

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