Hey guys,

Any ideas how to share a scanner on network just like sharing a printer? I'm using XP. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks..


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Comntrol panel -> Scanners and Cameras

I thinjk you can just right click and do share?

hi jbennet,

That's a good idea....but system must have a service pack 2 installed in order to configure the firewall to set for sharing scanner.. Thanks.. This thread is consider solve.. Two Thumbs Up for Jbennet...

You dont have service pack 2?

You can get it for free if your windows copy is legal. If you cant download it (if you are on dialup) they can send you a cd for a small fee

Comntrol panel -> Scanners and Cameras

I thinjk you can just right click and do share?

Right click when and where?

Sorry for posting to such an old thread, but I was researching this same problem recently and came across a few different solutions to the problem.

1) If you don't mind paying for software:
- RemoteScan http://www.remote-scan.com/
- Capturix ScanShare http://www.capturix.com/default.asp?product=css

2) If you don't like paying for software, and especially if you have some programming skillz:
- Open Source Network TWAIN engine: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nttwain/
- SourceForge search results for "TWAIN network Windows" http://tinyurl.com/6hd5cu

3) What I ended up doing. At my office we were just forced to take new computers with Vista. The IT department wouldn't connect our office scanner to Vista because they said it was incompatible. So, I brought in an old laptop I no longer use and connected the scanner (as well as a colour printer). Because the IT's permissions policies do not allow me to install software on the Vista machine, any client software has to be a "portable" EXE to function. I got around this whole problem by putting a VNC server on my personal laptop and a small VNC client on the Vista machine, and setting it up so the client connects directly to the scanner software when logging in, without getting access to the rest of the laptop. Works just fine, and there's an added benefit in that anybody else in the office can also connect to the scanner through their internet browser because the VNC server has a mini HTTP server built-in. You could do the same thing with the Remote Desktop server built-in to Windows.

commented: This post solved the same issue for me. I wanted a FREE solution to share a scanner across a network and the VNC Server solution was painless. Thanks. +0
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