I routinely work with large numbers of open documents (such as web pages, word docs etc) and it can be very difficult to remember exactly what is open and to move efficiently between them. The only way I know to see what is open is the Windows Taskbar (which doesn't provide enough space or enough information to be really effective) or the Windows Alt + Tab command, with similar problems.

I would love to find some piece of software that lists all open documents/windows, with full filename/path etc clearly visible, and which allows me to select which one I want to go to.

Does anyone know of any way of doing this?

I use Windows XP Pro SP3, xplorer2 lite.

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I don't know of a program, but can make a very good sugestion, I had the same problem, I can now see 20 open Items with most complete names, and 40+ with less of the name due to limited screen sizes. Here is how I did it in XP:

Right click Taskbar, uncheck the "lock taskbar" tab, click and hold left mouse button and drag the bar to the left or right side (wich eva you prefer - now the bar runs down with start at the top, drag the task bar to it's full size, now you see the full names and can see 20items on rez 1024 x 768 (mine), and it halves the page for another 20, then right click on the tab, select properties check the "auto-hide the taskbar" check box in the "Taskbar apperance" tab, this will hide the huge taskbar when not in use until you move your mouse to the way end of the screen where you put the taskbar.

Hope I helps.

skypilotpete, you can use Opened Files View from Nirsoft.

And if you want a tabbed Microsoft Office so that the clutter can be removed from the taskbar, you can use Officetab which is a great little add-on to Microsoft Office.

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