I have Dell Inspiron Laptop with Intel Core i3 and preloaded Windows 7 64bit. But few days ago I faced virus problem with my laptop so I formatted my system. I have already 3 dvds of backup file and one is restore windows 7 64bit bootable dvd. But I could not restore from my backup dvds

The Dell's Reinstall windows disk is the one you want to start with.

Boot with that disk and follow the prompts. *** Be Aware *** This will completely erase your system and all data that is on it .

The other disks you use after the OS is installed. Dell has separate disks for the driver installs (video and sound etc...). Then the last disk would be a 3rd party application. My dell came with the OS, 2 driver disks, and 1 for Roxio.

Also, You can contact dell tech support, give them the tag # of your machine, and a tech will walk you through the reinstall.

hi subrat_p, follow the advise of CimmerianX.. if in anyway you can't do the re-installation using your backup dvd's. I don't know how dell does their restoration. But some other companies they has a hidden partition on your hard drive. If you accidentally delete that hidden partition.Even though you have the restore disc you cannot do the restoration of your OS.

As CimmerianX advise, consult your dell tech support to assist you. :)