Last year I tried Ubuntu on a live CD on my mother's laptop that had Windows Vista. She didn't like it, so we didn't install it. For some time we had been thinking about upgrading to Windows 7, and yesterday we did. So her laptop has Windows 7 now, but when we turn it on, it asks if we want to boot Windows 7 or Ubuntu. I don't even know where Ubuntu might be, I thought the live CD thing would necessarily be temporary.

And let me just add... I don't know if this is related, maybe I will open another topic for this... Her hard drive is partitioned into C: and D:. The OS is on C:. C: has a total size of 39GB. Yesterday I noticed there are 25GB being used with I don't know what! I mean, there's Windows and other stuff... And those things take maybe 10GB at most, but C: only has some 8GB free. The other 20 something GB are completely unaccounted for. I'm just putting this here because I thought maybe there is some sort of hidden Ubuntu partition...

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If you are booting and you see the GRUB loader offer you a choice, then at some point, you chose to install ubuntu to the disk. The ubuntu install most likely took a portion of the disk for itself leaving the remainder for windows.

So you have 2 tasks here. #1 Remove the Grub loader and use windows to boot. #2 Remove the ubuntu partition and reassign to windows.

**** Make sure you backup anything important ****
Anytime you go messing with your disk like this, make 100% sure you have copies of whatever data you can't live without.

HAve a look at this site for easy instructions on removing GRUB and reassigning the space: http://www.wikihow.com/Uninstall-the-Grub-Bootloader-from-a-Dual-Boot-XP-System-With-an-XP-CD

I've used paragon partition manager for stuff like this with success many times. ... FYI

yikes! personally i'd format fresh and re-install Windows 7, that is if you don't have a ton of data to back up yet.

Yes - that's good too... :)

I have try many Distor Live cd and it never happen to me unless I install it with Grub. A fresh format and reinstall will do if you have back up all the data like WASted suggest.

Thanks everyone for your help. I made the dual boot go away using MBR Fix -> http://www.sysint.no/nedlasting/mbrfix.htm

As for the lost space, I used the Disk Cleaner which found almost 30GB of "previous Windows installations" so that is solved as well.

great victory bernardo-b :)

mark is "solved" please ;)

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