I have an Asus S6F notebook with XP SP2 dual booting with Windows 7 Ultimate. I have found that I am unable to get internet access using hotel wifi access points under Windows 7 - I can only get access using XP.
I can connect to the access points using Win7, but I don't get shown the provider's logon page.
I've found this at 2 hotels so far - the Hilton Grand Vacations in Las Vegas and the Capo Bay Hotel in Cyprus.
Are there default security settings in Win7 (which wouldn't be set in XP) which I need to change in order to use hotel wifi access points?

Basically the same ting happen to me when i install Linux on the partition......simply re-install the wireless driver and update it.


You can go to Window XP and check the security setting and apply those setting to Window 7. And at the same time check also your wifi driver by going to the Device manager.

In think the wifi driver is OK, because it can connect to my wireless network at home without any problems. Or could it be that the driver only has a problem with shared access points such as those use it hotspots?