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I recently purchased a Gateway labtop off ebay and that person said he wipped the harddrive clean so I tried to load my Windows Genuine Advantage kit for Windows XP professional on to the labtop it will load up to the point which it will say coping files then will say the file copy msvbvm 50.dll not copied correctly the file set up placed on harddrive is not valid Windows Xp system image.if you are installing ACD there is a problem with Windows Xp CD.will go on to say if you continue to receive this message contact your Windows XP supplier or system administrater.then to skip this file press ESC.CAUTION if you skip this file setup may not complete and Windows XP may not work properly,to quit setup press F3.this goes with saying this same disc has been loaded on to an old EN desktop then when I purchased a newer HP desktop it was loaded on to that one that I am currently using works excellent,I tried to loading it twice same thing happens if I try to skip that file it just goes no to the next and so on.I am not quite a computor wiz work with computors for a year now,I can ask my computor when I have a problem and usally resolve the issue this time I can not put my finger on it.I even tried to find out what the difference characteristics of operating systems when it comes to Windows Xp pro full edition,upgrade,and so on,operating systems are worded many different ways and If I need a different disc I do not know enough about I need a driver disc? my computor just does not tell me enought that helps.some sites I could read on these subject would be great,I just cannot pick the right search words would be my quess.thank you for this time.Thomas

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