My dad got a new Dell lap-top with Windows Vista less than a year ago. Yesterday all the sudden it's wireless network adapters quit working. I went to investigation and found that it wasn't finding any networks, further investigation found that it was turned off. Now on this computer there is no switch on the outside to turn it on or off. And I was unable to find how to turn it on in Windows. I dug deep into all the network setting and the best I could do was to find the icons for the surrounding connections. But when I would click connect it would pop up at the bottom right of the screen and show that there are no connections available. Even though this computer is less than a year old Dell still wants about $200 to fix it. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I've had problems with network adapters before. It was a power management thing where Windows, in it's wisdom turns off the adapter to save power. Find it in device manager, right click on it then down to properties, unchecked the box "allow windows to turn off".

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