I'm currently at work and updating some pages on our website so they work on both the current and new site. I am trying to view the changes I've done to the current page I'm working on but IE8 won't hard refresh and display my changes on the new site. I have tried deleting all temporary files (including cache, which I thought would remedy it) but it still won't display my changes.

I can view the changes on the old site and I have checked the source from the loaded page to make sure it had my modifications on both the new and old site. The changes are definitely there on the old site but not the new one. I have even added an extra paragraph so that it's obvious when it's displaying the changes.

I would try viewing the page in another browser but unfortunately, IT won't allow anything other than IE8 to be used.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do to try and force a hard refresh?

I had the exact same problem, doing the same work this afternoon. I used three different computers and four browsers -- IE8, Firefox, Opera and Chrome all refuse to refresh. Have deleted temps, adjusted the settings to always check for new versions etc. -- all to no avail. But I did find a solution, though it's very inconvenient: if you make a new page (say, add a numeral to the filename, from page.html to page1.html and so on), the changes do show up. I wound up making some new pages and changing to linking code ... got the result I wanted in the end, but --! Four hours trying to do 15 minutes work. Frankly, the common denominator is Windows -- *all* four browsers did the same nonsense on three different PCs. I think there was a bug in the last Windows updates, which were auto- downloaded and installed here three days ago. I never had the problem before, and now it's on all systems, all browsers. Grrrr. You're not alone! And it's not your fault!

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