Anyone can tell me the name of the process which is created by Windows XP when we right-click and select repair from the taskbar for the LAN connection?
Sometimes when I click repair the new window which is opened fails to close properly, happens when it cannot repair, and then I cannot close it till I perform either restart or shutdown, whereby Windows will then close it...

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I believe you will find it is:

ipconfig /renew

I think you misunderstood my question... in fact I want to know what is the name of the process in the taskmanager which is called when we right-click on the LAN connection icon in the taskbar when repairing a connection.
For example if I open Firefox, in the task manager I get firefox.exe in my Processes window, and here I want to know the process name when we are repairing the LAN conn. as it opens in a new window on the screen, and therefore I believe there must be a process associated to it

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The main process controlling the operation is services.exe. It stops and restarts the services it needs to re-establish the DHCP connetion. services calls svchost and mDNSresponder and a few others I could not quite catch.


ok thanks...think its getting too complicated in the end for me 2 and better leave it to the microsoft guys to handle :D

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