Make: Dell Inspiron 1720


I have a windows vista laptop that has started to have some odd behavior relating to power.

When the laptop is plugged in (cord to wall) and the battery is in, the laptop will shut down within a few minutes. If the computer is running just off battery it will last until the battery is low. The cord will charge the battery if the laptop has been shut down.

I have tried swapping the external cords with another dell inspiron 1720 laptop. The same issues are exhibited. (which is why I posted in the Vista forum) I am wondering if this is:

  • Something people have heard of before
  • Something dealing with Vista's power settings
  • Fixable

I would surely appreciate any guidance or advice.


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I suggest it is a physical problem, i doubt it has to do with Vista. Check your power supply, see if it is all in order. Also it could just be a faulty port, or some such. Eliminate the possible problems to find your answer.

You may have a cooling problem. When you run on the battery, it is no-doubt running on a lower power setting. You could try changing your power settings to run much leaner when on AC power. Then you can see if it still shuts down on AC. Obviously, cleaning the fan would be a good idea. You might want to get this fan utility:

Doesn't sound like a too complicated issue, if you have a General look at the problem and Study it, you should do fine

Also probably cooling

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