Thank you so very much for having such a great web site!
Easy to register, easy to navigate....this is wonderful!

Here is my problem:

When I use my IE 8, I keep getting re-directed when using the search function.
The websites I search for come up on the search page as normal but if I click on one of them, I get taken to a website that is totally unrelated to my search.

I got on my husband's computer to learn what I could do to stop this problem.
I learned I had either a threat or a virus and to download and run Malwarebytes.
I did that.
I then turned off computer and started from scratch.
The problem kept happening.

I used my Free AVG and still had the problem.
I then used my Spybot S & D and again, the problem.

I then cleaned my cache, cleared history, defragged and did all the other normal housekeeping I usually do once a month. Still the problem persists.

But now after using all the adware/spyware, virus removal and cleaning tools, I am having more problems than I had before I used them.

Now, when using IE, I have a black long line where the Menu is supposed to be.
If I run my cursor over the menu bar, the words show up least I know they are in there, under that black line.

I am also encountering constant messages:
Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encounted a Problem (this message has popped up several times while typing this post and I'm only on AOL right now)
Exploit JavaScript Obfuscation ads. smartadx. com

I have many employment applications out right now and I am hoping to hear back from at least one of them before the weekend.
Husband has to take his computer to work tomorrow and I'd really like to be able to use IE on my computer.

Can anyone provide any assistance with my laptop problems?
Any help you can provide would be soooo appreciated!
Thank you so much for reading.



The computer with the problems:

Compaq Presario V4240US

AOL 9.0 VR

IE 8

Service Pack 2