G'day Guys,

I've been scouring the internet to try and find some ideas on how to set up a web-server on my work machine's HDD. I'm currently developing a web-app as a ERP/CRM system.

It's almost complete, and I want to set up a web-server for our employee's to access it, obviously remotely from their machines.

I'm not sure which software I should use, be it IIS or Tomcat (since the app being developed is in java/jsp). And once the server has been installed, how would I configure it for our employee's to access.

Once our company grows, we'll be building our own web-server, but for now we're simply going to use a HDD partition as our host.


Hi, you want your ERP/CRM system on you local area network only? or you want it to be accessible over the internet?
if you want to access only in LAN. Check out this link below.
if your using windows xp, try this link: http://www.learnthat.com/courses/computer/windowsxp/iis/

once you had setup the IIS, open up IE, type: http://localhost check whether your web page is showing up.
and after that get the ip adress of the machine where you configure the IIS.

Using another pc on your lan open IE then type at the address bar: http://ip address of your machine/index.html

browse Google for some guide on how to configure IIS or Apache