Hi, I would like to know which software should I use to do the following:

I want to do a live presentation in City A, and I want my prospective client in City B to see my presentation (in this my computer screeen).

That's way I can save my transportation fee to go to City B, and I still have ability to present my program to my prospective client.

One of my friends say, one of the solution is using webex.
But I don't know how to use it and webex is quiet expensive software too. I don't want to invest that much yet, since I haven't got any income until now.

My question is:
- Do you any alternative softwares / any other ways to do it?
- If webex is the only solution, do you know how to use it?

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not sure if webex is you only option ,but sounds to me like you should have a business website setup ,to sell yourself ,
conversion is expencive way to sell to one person at a time ,,maybe do a video of you presentiation and upload it to facebook or such and email the customer the link

client in City B to see my presentation (in this my computer screeen).

you meant in his computer screen correct

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Yup, I wil consider your brilliant advice :) thanks

your welcome ,hope all goes well for you .good luck

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