Hello there, I am called Xyzyxx. Pronounce my name (zī’ zĭks)

Every so often my computer gives me this alert message when I start it up:

Files that are required for Windows to run properly have been replaced by unrecognized versions. To maintain system stability, Windows must restore the original versions of these files.

Insert your Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM now.

[Retry] [More Information] [Cancel]

And when I click "More Information" it gives me this:

Possible reasons for this problem:
-You have inserted the wrong CD. (i.e., a different Windows product CD than the version installed)
-The CD-ROM drive in your system is not functioning.

So then I insert the CD-ROM into the drive. The alert message goes away automatically, and the Autorun for the CD-ROM starts up.

Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP
What do you want to do?
+Install Windows XP
+Install optional Windows components
+Perform additional tasks
+Check system compatibility


So then I looked over the options and none of them seem to match the problem Windows was complaining about. So I clicked Exit. So then I take out the CD and put it away again and my computer works fine. But then later the message will come up again.

I should also mention that if I click Cancel at that first message, it will ask me something to the effect of "you have chosen to keep the unrecognized versions. Windows may not run properly, are you sure you want to do that? and I say "OK" and the computer works fine, but the message will return later.

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Windows File Protection should be following on to replace the files mentioned. After you insert the CD, are you sure that the error message has in fact gone, and not simply had another windows superimposed on it?

Perhaps the Cd you are inserting is not the one which Windows was installed from? Perhaps there is system corruption which is causing things to malfunction?

I'd suggest a thorough Virus and Spyware scan, followed by a refresh install of Windows:


Hey all..

I have a VAIO laptop, with Windows2000 professional installed.

I get the same message on startup about unrecognized files.. but, the Sony cd's don't work when win2000 professional is asked for in the error...

I was told that I don't have win 2000 on these cds.. so... how do I replace the bad files, with the good files if my Sony Vaio cds don't supply the windows files??

Very confused.. and hoping you all can help...

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