OK, this is wierd and also a first for me. Alright, I have XAMPP and am currently in the process of creating a game in PHP. But randomly the XAMPP control panel told me the the starter application for Apache was corrupted, so I tried to replace the file with the same from the same download on the XAMPP download site for Windows. The download is up and I choose where to put the file in, I chose the C:\ drive. But when I press Next, a popup came up saying that my C:\ drive is corrupted. I exit the download and thought I could fix this by doing a System Restore. To my surprise the same popup comes up. Now I'm here thinking that this could be really bad, considering I can't access my localhost anymore. Now this is where I'm confused. A few minutes later I try the XAMPP control panel again, and suddenly httpd.exe isn't corrupted anymore, but when I try to do a System Restore, my C:\ drive is still corrupted. Can anyone help me with finding the solution? Is this a damaged drive or virus?

Try to scan the drive using scanddisk then perform a defragmentation on the drive, could be some bad sectors on the disk or too much fragmented