I am having an issue installing the Windows Communication Foundation (http and non-http) part of the Windows Features in Windows 7. As a side note I can't remove the 3.5 .Net Framework either. Also, I am using this so I can test my website from Visual Studio 2008 Prefessional on IIS, rather than publishing to my Windows Server 2008 each time I wish to debug.

I was hoping to know where the log for the installer is located, and what types of programs cause conflicts with the installer if at all possible.
Thanks for all the help.

Thanks so much,
Johnny Goodlad

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Have you tried running the installer as Admin? Also, in Win7, you can right-click on the installer and select troubleshoot, as may have a Windows Build detection facility built in which is getting in the way - the troubleshoot utility can shut that off if need be.

Thanks. For the information. Here is my issue. I click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Add or Remove Windows Features (UAC shield is present). I don't see an option for right clicking and selecting "Troubleshoot". When I attempt the install the Account is logged on as Administrator.

Johnny Goodlad

See attached image for example of what I am referring to. Is not available through the control panel, but from the original installer.

Thanks again. On Windows 7 how would I be able to access the installer? The only way I know of installing features is through the control panel. The only part that appear in the start menu, would be under "Administrative Tools", in which case the programs that reflect Windows features only appear if the feature is installed.

Johnny Goodlad

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