You know those older machines that have IDE and you bought A SATA drive and having a hard time doing well this might help you

1.Look on the board for a little word called SATA (small print) and it has a light usually

2.You'll see a little plugin right above it Then the Big plug on your SATA drive (Power supply)

3.You have to get this red cord that connects to the power supply to the SATA connector (

4.If you already have done steps 1-3 then al you have to is put your Windows disk in and install

Good luck

I do not get it. Your post title is about transfering IDE to SATA but you discussed about how to connect a SATA drive.

it only apply to old motherboard that have both ide and sata connection on the board ,a lot don't have both

yes, caperjack is right, i have only sata, on this type of comp it does not work

To transfer data between IDE or PATA and SATA

Get a USB to SATA/PATA adapter from
Mount the drive and copy away.

I accidentally put the wrong title to this sorry everybody its supposed to be how to connect SATA drive

and it has a light usually

Since when??? I am a profession computer engineer and have built hundereds of PC's and have never seen one with a light for the SATA on the motherboard!

Asus sometimes place a Power Good led near Sata sockets. Just so people don't mistake the power status when they dive in to plug things.

Ok, the older computers with Windows XP on there, most have a SATA on the board, I was just working on one the other week, If you look on ther board, you will eventually find "SATA" In very small print when I said transfer, I didn't mean transfer files I meant to get rid of the IDE drive (Replace) with a SATA. When you are working on the 'tower' when it's on look for a hard-to-see little green light, above it should say SATA. Rephrasing "You have to get this red cord that connects to the power supply to the SATA connector (" this explains what you NEED to make it a SATA drive I have no idea what this 'cord' is called, but I do know what it looks like:Red, thin, usually small side with a bigger side on the end, the smaller when plugs into that SATA port and then the bigger one plugs into the drive. after that you place it into the 'slot' where the original IDE was at (D'uh) and then just install Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7....ect.....

Now do you understand what I'm trying to explain for the one that calls me a "Noob" as seen up top, so childish wouldn't you say?