Hello everybody.
I am running windows xp. I was just exploring everything inside gpedit.msc and found an interesting option there. It says something like " Prevent users from running applications " or run only specified applications or something like that. I enabled it and added only a few in its list "notepad.exe", "iexplore.exe" and a few more. But i forgot to add "gpedit.msc" to that list and i closed the group policy editor's window. Now i cannot run gpedit.msc and therefore cannot change this setting. Now there are just 2-3 applications that i am able to run.
Is anybody having any Idea...?
Somwthing that i can do/try...
Please help ASAP
Thank you

Was just trying to figure this out and luckily succeded. My system is backto normal now. Heres what i did...
I attached my old hard disk which had a windows partition(although my windows in old HDD is corrupt) and started my system in safe mode. I copied the folder named "Group Policy" and two files, "gpedit.msc" and "gpedit.dll" from old windows to my new one(that has this problem). I restarted my system in normal mode and tried running gpedit.msc, it gave error once but i typed it again and it was working.

Maybe a few steps that i took werent necessary, like running system in safe mode, or copying stuff more than required. But in any case, this works. Just posting it in case somebody else gets the same problem.
Thank You

You can fix this problem by login as a main administrator or system administrator or make another administrator which is authorized to other user to run the application.

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