Hello again all...

Ok here is what I am looking for, Anyone that runs a Web hosting business that use's Windows 2K3 Server Web or Standard edition, with Plesk Control panel.

I would like to know you most asked Technical Questions and then your answers to them, that has fixed the solution or has not.

I am asking this for a reason, as to I am trying to make something and We at Cirrus Tech. Ltd. have lots of clients but none need support.

We are searching for technical questions to make a Manual of Procedures for new Employees to know how to deal with things as we become Larger.

if you can help me out with this request it very helpful.

Best Regards,
Cirrus Tech. Ltd.
Michael - The Network Admin :mrgreen:

There are several issues that could occur with the plesk control panel on windows 2003. Mostly they deal with permission problems, or the components not being installed correctly.

One thing that you will need to be sure to include is that if something isn't working always make sure the latest version is installed. The most recent 'stable' version of plesk for windows contained many errors, some of which involved loosing stat information, or even the plesk license key. You have to download the latest hotfix from their website to correct these issues.

Another issue that you will find that many have is installing SSL Certificates. Most people who use plesk add the certificate to plesk but do not change the certificate in the 'IP Pool' section. Thus the certificate doesn't get used.

Another issue with the SSL Certificates, you may find that plesk rejects the keys because they have erronious spaces or are not in the correct format, if you recieve this error, ensure that the key and crt files are in the correct format, which is 64 characters per line with no spaces, with the exception of the header and footer of the certificate/key.

If you need more information you can always check out SW-Soft's forums as there are numerous people with issues there.

--- btw, plesk doesn't use apache on linux so I'm forwarding this to the IIS forum ---

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