I noticed this week that my download speed has decreased. It usually is around 335kb per second but now it's 220kb per second. This really isn't a big problem but it kinda bugs me knowing that my PC isn't in as good condition as it was a few days ago. Anybody know any tips on how to get my PC back to its top performance? Not sure if this is in the right forum or not, so don't zap me if it's not. Thanks

download speed vary from site to site ,what downloads are you referening to.

Well I know a file I downloaded just 4 days ago at top speed. That file got deleted, so I downloaded it again which it downloaded slower than normal. Any suggestions?

Probably more traffic between your machine and the one the file is located on. Try it at a different time and you might get a different speed again. Some downloads go at dialup speeds even, no matter how fast your connection is. Some sites get busier at some times than they are at other times, and speeds suffer as a result.

Thanks for the info. As long as I know that my PC is fine, then I'm hjappy.

Is your computer sluggish even otherwise, if so you could run a defragmenter and see if there is an improvement in the performance.

It could also be the ISP's service