I have tried to upgrade my Ad-Aware 6.0 edition to the newest available, but I cant get past the uninstall of previous versions step. I get the message "Could not open the Install.log file". What can I do to remove this old version of Ad-Aware??

Thank you


If you haven't already, open you Add/Remove Programs control panel and try to uninstall version 6.0 from there.

If that doesn't work, let us know.

Thanks for the reply. I already tried the "Add/Remove programs" angle. Same thing happens as when I try uninstalling via the programs uninstall button.

Well you can always try safemode meh. Otherwise I'd manually delete the folders, and then delete the tags in the registry. Weird that it's giving you this problem...



Yes- do as Matt suggested.

If you have to delete the program manually:

1. Open Explorer. Search for and delete folders and files named "Ad Aware" and also "Lavasoft". In addition to putting a Lavasoft folder in your Program Files directory, Ad Aware will also have created at least one folder somewhere under your Documents and Settings folder.

2. If you're comfortable editing your Registry, open the Registry Editor, do a search for Ad Ware and Lavasoft, and delete any keys, subkeys, and values that reference those terms.

3. If the Ad Aware program entry still appears in your A/R Programs control panel after maunually deleting the program itself, follow these instructions to remove that entry: