For apparently no reason when I click for a new page IE just goes away. I clicked on the chat button and IE dropped out. I clicked a page at eBay and IE dropped out. This has just started. I have all the updates. Anything I can do about this?

first time I've heard the turm dropped out when refering to IE .so is Dropped out the same as Goes Away !.
Run ad-aware and Spybot ,download and update them and scan your computer .get them in my signature .have spybot fix any thing in red!! use both because one finds stuff the other doesent ! post back .

Yes, it means the same thing. Sorry, I'm not always up on the proper lingo for some of these things. I updated and ran Spybot and Adaware. Spybot found absolutely nothing, and Adaware found 21 instances. I deleted everything and rebooted; and got the same result as before. I presume that means I'll have to reinstall IE. In the process will it wipe out my favorites and mail in Outook Express? I've never had to reinstall my browser before. I forgot to mention that this happens when I want to revise and auction on eBay and after I put in my password; then click to revise. It happened in here when I tried to open the "Chat" requester.
Thanks, BuddyB

Again, I went to and as soon as it loaded up to the front page IE went out on me again. It doesn't seem to do it all the time, just at different spots. Prior to this I reinstalled IE6. Maybe I should uninstall all the updates to it and start over again.

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