I have a bit of a problem. I don't know what I did, but all of a sudden, for some strange reason, I can't download stuff off of IE. Lets say I click on a link in Internet Explorer to a .zip file.

Instead of asking me to choose a location of where I should download it to, it automatically opens a "downloading" dialog box, and quickly downloads to *somewhere*, then automatically closes, never letting me see where it downloaded to. I tried doing a search multiple times to no avail.

I have "Notify when downloads complete" checked off in IE advanced preferences, but it doesn't :(

I can, however, right click a link and choose Save Targe As, but that gets sorta annoying.

Any ideas?

P.S. I'm using WinXP :)

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what ie ver?


Just noticed this started happening recently. I don't know if I did anything or not.

since this just started happening, rather than me attempting to track down a possibly non-existent solution, how about restoring defaults (IE/ Tools/ Internet Options/ Advanced/ click "Restore Defaults" & click "Apply") &/or resetting web settings (IE/ Tools/ Internet Options/ Programs/ click Reset Web Settings, then uncheck "Reset Homepage" & click "OK"), and let me know if that helps?

ok, i'm guessing the above hasn't worked for you - have you checked both your Internet and Intranet security settings?

Yeap, trying to "restore defaults" is one of the first things I did when I noticed the problem. By looking quickly, I notice that when I try to download something, the "DOWNLOAD TO:" thing says "downloading to temporary files directory" or something along those lines. I can also see it's somewhere within C:\Documents and Settings ... but the rest of the path name is cut off.

I have tried to do a search multiple times but nothing ever comes up :(

I don't know if this will help but try running Lavasoft's Ad-aware program. I don't think it is a setting inside ie.

i see u mentioned restoring defaults, but what the more likely resolution of reseting web settings?

try right clickng a file link, notate the file name, then left click to have IE download the file & search sys for filename to find where it goes - at least at this point u should know where the files are being saved even tho that doesnt actually solve the prob

if u ftp thru IE & download a file does the same thing happen?

You couldn't imagine how many times I've done this! I'll download a file (making note of its name). And do a search for it. And I come up empty each time! It's like it's "pretending" to download ... I don't know :(

Might be easier to simply reinstall IE.

...you can't really do it until they come out with a new version...

How about right clicking on the link to the file, save target as , then save it where you want? I believe the reason the file 'disappears' is a configuration that is clearing the temporary files quite regularly.


How about right clicking on the link to the file, save target as , then save it where you want?

This is what I'm doing right now. The problem with this, though, is when websites use download scripts to initialize the download. It doesn't always work that way.

It's weird but I think the problem fixed itself? Like, I don't remember changing anything. All that I could've done was run chkdsk for the problem to be fixed? Weird.

Luckily you solved your problem..
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I am having a trouble with download files too. I accidently clicked on that "always ask before downloading this type of file" button. So now i can't tell it to open or save a file of the type .wav. It always opens it in WMP. This is completly useless to me.

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