when i turn my pc on it stops at black screen with all types of numbers and settings i guess.. it tells me to hit contol, alt and delete or something but it just goes back to the same screen, when i hit f11 real quick to start windows in that route , when the windowsxp logo comes up and soon as the little information bar gets to the end the very first time , my computer just shuts off completely, then back to the same beginning.. before this problem got this bad, my computer used to just shut off in the middle of a game or song,. also ive ONLY been working offline with just games and alot of pics and music.. i havnt had internet in a year or so before this problem so i dont think its a bug or virus, fron online.. please help me with any info on this

also i think i was in the middle of a system restore and it shut,.. im almost sure that was the last time before it actually connected.

you have to try with recovery cds provided by the manufactures or the one created by you .
for ease purpose just format once again and install fresh operating system

how do i format? all i get is the boot menue and bios settings, can i format from there?

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