Hi Guys,

Plz tell is there any tool that increases my games performance..as they are slowing a bit...i use to play games like. NFS Carbon & Most Wanted, Counter Strike..Don't know what is wrong..!!I have done a cleanup and defrag hoping that would speed up my computer.But it did not help much..

PC's Config..

OS:Win Vista,
Monitor HP L1906


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why dont u try a registry cleaner
and pc tuner


As u r not able to play games..in past i was also looking for those tools which can increase its performance my games also a bit slow..for dis i tried two tools for improving games speed..Game booster & Advanced System Optimizer's tool Game Optimizer..they both works f9 ..but i can suggest u Game Optimizer.. u can also use other tools if u got any..Game Optimizer its a g8 tool helps me a lot..u can play your games through it..!
This is best tool for playing games i have used so far..it also got some useful tools..that can increase performance of PC.


review all running services and disable anything that your os (and you) can live without

using msconfig, likewise, review and unselect as much as possible

uninstall auto-updaters for everything

uninstall all those carp players (music, video)

uninstall anything with your pc mfg name on it, such as dell-this or hp-that or toshiba-the-otherthing

update your drivers from the pc mfg site, or from the hdwe site, such as nvidea

reduce the size of, or eliminate your swap file (you have plenty ram to do that)

run atf cleaner

avoid registry cleaners

o, did i mention dump limewire, emule, et al? oops! already on your pc? try reinstalling the os then.

then add the mvp hosts file.

questions? google is your friend.

It is really a pity ,try some other ways .

I think there is no need to worry about that just get game booster which could be very helpful for you. In fact, I am uding it since 8 months and no complaints. So, I think you should be go for it.

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