Hi - I am not a professional but I followed a link to your site where a similar question was answered.
I asked this somewhere else but nothing has worked so I will give you the information and what has happened so far.
I am using Windows XP SP3 on a PC

Original Post -
Last week I downloaded several songs from Guvera and they play in WMA and on my MP3 player.
Today, though, I downloaded another couple of songs and there is an error message in WMA.
What I noticed was, in the songs that play, in the download folder there is the title, artist, album and size of the file. The ones that won't play only show the title.
I wrote to their support and they said There is a known issue with UMG tracks where the tracks ID3 tags cannot be read. We are working to correct this. In the meantime, you can fix these tracks by downloading any MP3 fix app and removing the headers.

I did a search and I don't see anything that is what I need or how to use it if I was able to get it.
Does anyone know what I need and how to correct this?

Their response was http://www.gromkov.com/faq/repair/mp3_validator.html

So I downloaded it and added the files. It saw that there was something wrong and when I selected repair it now says fixed. But it created a BAK (whatever that is) file which WMP is unable to play.

Their response was that the BAK was the old file but that isn't true. Both won't play.

Any ideas?

..hi there!..try to defrag and scandisk your MP3..after that, try to scan your MP3 with online scanner, i prefer to use this (www.housecall.trendmicro.com)..use customize settings..If the issue still continues, then reformat your MP3 to clean your MP3 registry and download again your favorite songs..i hope it helps!..^_^..

Thanks for responding!
How do I defrag and scandisk just those 2 MP3? I only had one chance to download them so if I am unable to fix them that is it.