How do i go into BIOS AND Restore my computer to another time.
My computer will not boot up to windows

From BIOS, youcannot restore Windows. Have you tried entering Safe Mode from the Advanced Options screen? Press F8 during boot when prompted.

What computer have you got?

BIOS has nothing to do with it when a computer doesn't boot. It could be that the Window might be corrupted. Try to press F8 when power your computer and go into "Safe Mode" or "Boot from last configuration that work". When in safe mode than you can go to system restore. Hope this help.

Hi there,

No restoring from BIOS. Please provide details.Though from what i guess you may:
1. Try booting in safe mode.
2. Repair using your installation media


I also had this issue on a desktop that someone gave to me that they were throwing away (they said it couldn't be restored due to viruses and registry issues). I tried everything listed above and nothing worked, so what I ended up doing was creating a KillDisk boot disk and wiping the c drive. After that just reinstall XP.

Repair your windows installation will solve your problem.....


When your computer restart than you press F8 key and open BIOS menu, after than go to booting option and always select first boot device CD:DVD RAW. and save exit setting.

F8 is for the boot GUI, not for bios!

If you are not sure, don't post. It is better than posting crap like what Rik says. And the orginal poster ahve not reply since january!!1