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When I first came to this forum, I was very unfamiliar with everything. As most of you already know, I had never been to a forum. I was pulled in when looking for a free Office for Windows XP. Even though I read all the Faq's and rules. :S I was still wondering why I could not see how to respond to these threads or post. Nor respond to anyone at all without hijacking their thread. Latter on I was in one of the sub-categories and read, that I wasn't the only one experiencing these problems. I wasn't sure if I was going to fit in. Due to those Nasties/viruses; someone had just attacked Dani-Web and was prompted to introduce myself in the Geeks lounge. :-O Little by little, I was starting to see what your instructional rules & guidelines. Because I was telling myself "what are they talking about? and where is that?, and so forth. Just recently this occurred. In other words, I could finally see, what wasn't there before. I am just now seeing more & how to navigate through all of this.*-)= I hope you will be patient with me, I'm only human, and only want to help. I did ask for help & guidance. Even though I am still learning how to navigate through Dani-Web, I am at least trying the best that I can to help others.:D

I want to take the time to thank happy-geek. I was ready to give up & not help at all. But he took the time to cheer me up.:) I want to thank the Queen of Dani-Web for her new point system. I want to thank all those whom have helped that are the moderators at Dani-Web whom have enabled me to see and navigate, where I'm suppose to. They all have helped fixed whatever problems that were there. What I was facing in the beginning up until the present time are no longer there anymore, I'm hoping. As far as I can see for now. ;) :)

All those whom helped encourage me in the beginning with a thread or personal message, I want to thank. I can only remember a few. Sorry if I left anyone out. Maceman, Caperjack, and a few others. By the way, my office did not work out, but I found another, more efficient way to go about this and will be implementing it soon. I'm still not done with my computer, so if I don't respond right away. I'm fine-tuning the rest of it, many already know what that means. Still have a ways to go, but I'm getting there. I don't really have as much time on my hands as one might think. I have to balance a busy life and yes, I need sleep too. 1-) I also had to revamp my home entertainment center and that took time without a remote nor instructions for the first two weeks fun ^o). Maybe I'll get the opportunity to be able to share that with you in the community center. Do you need an invitation to join or to be accepted? I would like to contribute support for Dani-Web. Time will tell. May I have your address please? i-)

Other than that, Thank you everyone, whom helped and encouraged me. I don't mind good, learning suggestions, that will help enable those talents and gifts. To pass them along to whomever I can help. I freely give of myself and hope to be a real asset to this community. :)

Thank you,
Abigail, just call me E.G. it's my nickname.