is it possible to do the following:

is there a way to prevent and/or alert whenever a user on my exchange 2007 server reaches a maximum send limit for the day. say i limit then to 150 outgoing messages a day, if it exceeds this number alert administrator to the issue so i can review and make sure there is not an infection?

if so how?

I think I read about doing something similar to that and I think it was called "transport rule". If you go on, you would be able to find articles about it.

Blue, i appreciate the response. i thought this was solved but realized it wasnt. The link that you sent me is how to set up size limations for an exchange mailbox, or globally. which i know how to do (have that set up with warnings )

what im trying to do: monitor, and if possible limit, how many emails a person can send in one day. say if i see a spike of 200 emails leaving account, i have a good idea that the computer belonging to the account is infected and i can shut it down before problems arise.