I have a Toshiba p205d that is over 3 years old. My computer went into hibernation overnight and when I tried to "wake it up" the screen remained black. I turned it off and back on got a quick flash showing the toshiba start up page and then black. I removed the battery and held the power button down for 60 seconds and that did not work. When I restart the computer, it will quickly flash with part of the screen showing for about 1 second and then it goes to black. If I look closely, i can see some images on the screen but very very dim. I am running Vista home version (if that helps). All of the lights are on at the front of the laptop and I can hear the hard drive going and the fan but the screen remains black. From the little online research I have done it sounds like it might be a lcd inverter issue. Am I on the right track??? Any help would be appreciated as I need my laptop for work and really cannot afford to buy a new one right now. Thanks in advance.

That will be your backlight driver board! The fact that you can see something very dim tells me this. You can get a replacement easily enough from the likes of ebay. Just make sure it's for your exact model. In order to replace it you will need to take the screen apart if you feel you can do this! Otherwise, it will be a professional repair job needed!

Is the backlight driver board the same as the lcd inverter? Sorry don't know much about hardware. Thanks for your response.

Yup, same thing!

I have ordered a lcd inverter so will let you know what happens after it gets here and I install it (if you would like to know). Thanks again for your quick responses.

I'd love to know how you get on! :) Any problems, post 'em, ive changed well over 50 inverters myself!

Rik, just wanted to follow up and let you know that I received and installed a new lcd inverter. Thanks for all of your help, my computer is up and running so it seems that was the culprit!! Thanks again for your advice.

That's great news! :) Glad I could help!