Question coming from total ignorance, with apologies.
Of my two HDDs the c: drive started cycling during bootup and running Chkdsk. It was taken away, both drives ghosted, D: formatted and partitioned and contents of both drives put back into partitions.
Result is worse problems on bootup than ever before, growing every day.
Bootup cycles without fail, Chkdsk runs and takes longer. Today's error message contained something to do with problems regarding 'restore'.
So the question is, is it an accepted thing that ghosting a failing HDD's contents will also ghost its technical problems?

Yes. Ghosting to my understanding is a duplicate of another hard disk so whatever you have in the 1st hard disk will transfer to the 2nd hard disk. So if you have problem with your hard disk try reinstall your Window again.

Truly bad news.
It can mean only that the bloke who provides my IT support doesn't know as much as he claims to know.
Thank-you for the input.