My name is Harriet and this is my 2nd post. Please let this serve as my introduction to you as I really don't know my way around this community.

Before I used Windows Live OneCare (which was discontinued) I backed up to my external hard drive using Acronis. After Acronis I tried Norton 360 All-In-One which I found too intrusive. I have Spy Sweeper and therefore could not download Microsoft Windows Security Essentials for antivirus protection and WSE does not offer backup options. I upgraded Spy Sweeper to Webroot Internet Security Essentials but didn't like the firewall setup and backup function and was bombarded with constant alerts. I downgraded back to just Spy Sweeper. For antivirus protection I recently downloaded AVG Free, which seems OK.

I would appreciate your suggestions for what I can use to backup to my external hard drive; I'm not ready for Cloud Backup.

there is also a freebie from that big company with no Gate keeper! called synctoy and is easily configured and works through almost any drive.

If you want to Backup to a portable drive you should try Dmailer Backup from http://www.Dmailer-Backup-Software.com its free local and online backup software. It is the best in your situation because it runs from the external hard drive so you can use it on any computer Mac and Windows based systems without having to install it. It also has some cool feature.