I'm having a problem with line spacing. When I c/p text from Notepad or Jarte to some places, such as an Internet Marketing article marketing tool I'm using, when I save it, the paragraph spacing looks like double.

For some lines, the cursor skips right past them. I checked the line spacing in Jarte and it is set to 1. Sometimes when I open these files, there is no line spacing between the paragraphs at all, this happens when opening files made in Jarte in Notepad.

So below's an example, three spaces are created by my cursor only shows one space, in between the middle of the large space between the paragraphs (having added this in, I see now that it shows as two spaces here whilst it looked like three from where I posted it, and it was originally one, sigh:

So you’re a student {inside a|in the} college and you’ve {acquired|found|grabbed} Twitter like everyone else in this social networking {pattern|craze|development}. However, Twitter {is a lot|is significantly|is really a lot} different than Facebook {as well as|and even|or perhaps} LinkedIn. It’s more of a barbecue-type {environment|placing} between professionals. and in fact, I didn’t believe it as well, that was until {We|My partner and i|My spouse and i} secured a very {appealing|attractive|desired} internship in my field {final|previous|very last} summer because of Twitter. {How do we|What exactly is|What's} use Twitter {to advance|to succeed} professionally? Simple, {start with|start out with|commence with} these four {fundamental|simple|standard} steps, and {increase|broaden|develop} accordingly.

1.) {Begin|Commence|Start off} searching for and pursuing twitter accounts {which|in which|that will} post internships and {work|careers|work opportunities}. Both in your {preferred|wanted|ideal} field, and {common|basic|standard} ones as well. You'll find that Internship Queen in fact has a ton of internships posted, along with {strategies for|methods for|tricks for} finding ones.

Any idea what this is? Thanks.

try removing all formatting and then highlight the paragraph and then reset the line spacing.
I do not know exactly why but this usually works to get it back to some normality

Thanks for getting back to me.

That's a setting in most text editors then? Unfortunately the problem happens when I c/p from and to pretty much anywhere, not limited to a particular software.

Also, sometimes when I c/p I get two versions of the information! Very annoying...